Monday, February 18, 2013

Punjabi Tadka Arlington

Since my Monday Indian restaurant doesn't serve lunch on anything that resembles a holiday I decided to see if Punjabi Tadka in Arlington had improved since I was last there in Early November.

Well, the condiment containers looked the same with a nice scum on the Tamarind chutney. The Papadam that was included in the lunch was nice and spicy.

Lunch Chicken Saag comes with basmati rice. The rice was cooked well and was OK. The Chicken Saag had four big pieces of chicken and was cooked perfectly. The dish was nice but on the bland side, no change here. On the good side, the amount of food you get here is certainly enough. This must be the only Indian restaurant in this corner of the earth that doesn't ask you how spicy you want your dish. They also have a sign in the window saying "10% off on take out over $30 and 15% off on dine in over $30" so they must be looking for customers. Tip: If you are eating here on a freezing cold day, don't sit near the window! It was radiating cold something fierce.

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