Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blackstrap BBQ Winthrop

Armed with a Groupon I set out in search for Blackstrap BBQ in Winthrop. Winthrop is one of those places you can't really get to easily, and even following my GPS, not really easy to get out of either.

This little funky BBQ place in a maze of one-way streets has the menu written all over the walls and seats maybe 15-20 people. Order at the counter and the food is brought out to you when ready. The person at the counter was really nice and friendly and I did like that hard rock was blasting from the speakers.

While waiting you can peruse the available BBQ sauces. I tried the hot BBQ sauce and it was nice and HOT and I also tried the Honey Mustard one and really liked it. A good mix between sweet and hot.

For the duo of meats, I selected the Memphis Dry Rubbed Pork Ribs and the sliced Texas Brisket. Sides were baked beans and mashed potatoes. The baked beans were very sweet, think Boston baked beans, and so undercooked that they were not edible. The mashed potato was completely devoid of seasoning. The ribs were fine, with a good crust and a nice spicy rub. They were cooked well with a good chew left on the meat. Unfortunately, one rib was missing a good chunk of the meat on the bone. I asked for some fat on the brisket and got that. The brisket was fine, could have had more smoke flavor but was tender and nice. The smoke ring was very thin and really just under the surface of the meat. A good amount of food with plenty of leftovers.

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