Friday, March 15, 2013

PHUKET Wakefield

I couldn't wait to get back to PHU KET in Wakefield for some more delightful Thai in this nice restaurant. I'm still confused about the name and asked about it today and was told it's two words, but their other restaurant's website has it as PHU - KET. There are also a few dishes on the menu named Phuket something or other and that didn't help either.

Spicy Duck Fried Rice was my choice for lunch today, marked as 2 peppers for spiciness. It had some interesting veggies in there including Broccoli Rabe. There was a good amount of boneless duck included and overall it was a very good dish but the duck was reheated and was slightly dry but it was very flavorful and tasted great and the fat was nicely rendered. All the veggies were nicely cooked and still crispy. The spice level was about 1 pepper, but the nice waitress said that she could bring out some chili oil if I wanted it spicier, but it was OK as it was. There was also a fair amount of business at lunchtime as well as takeout being picked up.

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