Friday, March 22, 2013

PHUKET Wakefield

Just noticed when I went to PHUKET in Wakefield for lunch today that they will have outdoor seating on the small patio in the summer. Now all we need is an actual spring and summer.

They know that I posted a picture of their Phuket's Wings and they said that now everyone want the wings so that might have something to do with me getting a complimentary Spicy Corn Cake appetizer today to start with. Sweet corn cake drizzled with a spicy mayo on a bed of greens was a delightful starter. Nicely crisped up and tangy from the mayo, this was really nice. Everyone in the place is very nice and they all seems happy too!

The lunchbox selected today was the Grilled Spareribs one. Marinated spareribs in sweet pineapple sauce with rice, salad and two crispy rolls. Three really meaty ribs made for an excellent lunch. The ribs were cooked to an almost fall of the bone state but remained to still have some chew left. I was afraid this was going to be too sweet for me, but it all did come nicely together. The salad was fresh, very light dressing with a hint of the sweet and spicy sauce that you get with the wings.

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