Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tenoch Medford

Tenoch in Medford is having their 1 year anniversary this Friday and Saturday so naturally I had to stop by and congratulate them.

Interior is the same, the kitchen staff is (almost) the same, saw one young new guy, the menu is the same, but some new and exciting specials were on the board.

I haven't had their signature torta since the first time I was here so I decided today was a good day to see if it was as good as I remembered. Torta Campechana Telara bread, carnitas, chorizo, chipotle mayo, beans, onions, tomatoes, avocado, Oaxaca cheese and all this for only $6.50. This is such a good sandwich! It has everything, heat, crunch, stringy cheese, delicious pork and chorizo.

Here's another picture to show you all the goodness inside. Did I mention avocado? Yum!

I was offered to try their new taco, the Taco de Surtido made with pork from the shin. This was delicious, especially the crispy bits of pork skin. I also got to try the Tepache, fermented pineapple drink and that was nice too.
Good food, such nice people and I're so happy that they are doing good. They are working on opening a second location in the North End. Wonder if people are going to come in and ask for the red sauce?

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