Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oye's Reading

If I had known that Oye's in Reading was located in a strip mall I might have skipped it as today's choice for lunch.

The interior was nice enough and they also have an enormous sushi bar that's behind me and it seemed to do brisk business during lunch.

The Hot and Sour soup that comes with the lunch specials wasn't really either. It was jam packed with stuff but unfortunately nothing good like shiitakes that add a nice umami touch.

Szechuan Spicy Chicken really looked like a normal Kung Pao chicken, chicken, peanuts, celery and a few red chili peppers thrown in. It must have been a sale on celery since there was almost more celery than chicken. Despite the nice peppers, the dish lacked spice as well. Not sure how they expect whole chilies to impart any flavor at all. Roast the chilies so they became crispy, break them open to let the seeds out and then we have a dish with flavor.

The chicken wing arrived about 10 minutes later and was a plain deep fried wing, no marinade or coating and with a good sized bruise near the bone. Overall, it was cheap, nice service and decor and a good amount of food and free parking and a convenient location.

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