Friday, August 2, 2013

Shangri-La Belmont

Shangri-La in Belmont has gotten very good reviews from people I trust so I really looked forward to my lunch here today.

Fairly small restaurant, there is a row of booths against the right wall and I got a nice window table so things are looking good.

Lunch items come with a small bowl of Hot and Sour soup (no choice) and despite looking a bit funky it was really good and it was actually both hot and sour.

Then things went a bit downhill. This is Shredded Pork with Hot Peppers and a chicken wing. The chicken wing turned out to be a winglet but it was tasty with a crisp exterior. The Shredded Pork with hot peppers lacked both pork and hot peppers. There were some slivers of pork and no hot peppers at all so this was a big disappointment. I know that ordering from the lunch menu isn't the best idea, but I wanted to see what I got having never been here before. The service was good and the portion was big. This place has such a good reputation that I will be back and try more items.

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