Sunday, August 18, 2013

Simply Khmer Lowell

I was in the mood for some spicy wings on this quiet Sunday so I headed to Simply Khmer in Lowell for some lunch.

I suspected that they would be busy and the place was packed when I arrived at noon.

I really didn't need an appetizer but why not? Nam Chow is ground chicken, shrimp, lettuce, cucumber, bean sprouts, cilantro, served with tuk trey pa-aim (sweet fish sauce), (wrapped in rice paper) on the side for dipping in crushed roasted peanuts (choice of added peanuts). It was nice enough and the dipping sauce was OK but was no match for the peanut dipping sauce at Pho 88. The rice paper was wet on the outside and that was kind of off-putting.

The reason for the visit! This is another appetizer and is simply called Hot Wings. Chicken wings, chilies, scallions, jalapeno, sweet and hot sauces are what the menu said. No chilies, scallions or jalapeno was present, but the crispy freshly fried SPICY wings were delicious. The sauce was sweet with plenty of heat. Really messy to eat but worth it. Service was sub par today, I was completely ignored and had to flag down a waitress for water refill and also to get the check and there was no shortage of waitresses.

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