Friday, August 16, 2013

Toraya Arlington

I love Toraya in Arlington despite it being such a small place. Funny enough, their website is really hard to find and has no web presence at all. About 24 seats including the sushi counter seating.

You better get here early to snag a seat. This is how it looked at noon on a Friday. One two-top left and 4 seats at the counter. They also have a table for one, makes me feel better for not hogging an extra seat.

Mr Toraya in action behind the counter.

Most items come with Miso soup and it's quite good even if I'm not that big fan of miso soup. No spoon, so slurp away!

I had never even heard about Chirashi until very recently and decided to try it. It's an assortment of fresh fish, eggs and vegetables over sushi rice. At least that's what the menu said. There was some marinated mushroom underneath the fish and I guess that qualifies as a vegetable. The fish was VERY fresh and the rice was just right, maybe a tad sweet. If I counted right it was 10 different types of fish plus the fake crab and the egg. I hated mackerel as a kid, not so much now.

Today's specials. I wonder if that really is meant to be Boiled marinated tuna belly or should it be Broiled?

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