Saturday, May 31, 2014

PHU KET Wakefield

I decided to give PHU KET in Wakefield another chance on the salmon since the menu now states that it's grilled. Regardless how I ordered it before it was always overcooked. The new menu on the website contains malware according to Avast.

Classic Hot Salmon from the Special Lunch Plate section, marked as three peppers in the menu and ordered extra spicy and medium rare. The waitress even come back and confirmed medium rare and it was also written on my bill as such. It was a nice piece of salmon but was it medium rare? Not even close. Some parts in the middle was nice and moist but overall it was a miss. I don't think it was grilled either, looked more like griddled since the outside was hard and dry. It was spicy even if it wasn't what I would call three peppers spicy, at the most two. I'm now giving up on ordering salmon here and I'm not to happy about the new lunch boxes either.

They are getting ready to serve in the outside seating area, wish the weather would cooperate with this.

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