Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mandarin Reading

If you want a Chinese lunch buffet, Mandarin in Reading is probably your best bet now since Feng Shui in Chelmsford has gone seriously downhill.

They have been in this custom built building since 1998 and are just off Rte 128. Plenty of (tight) parking.

Their Wonton Soup is way better than their H&S soup. You do get linen napkins.

Appetizer plate. The shumai and the shrimp and chive dumplings was OK, not the freshest but both was tasty. Salt and Pepper shrimp with the shell on was actually crispy enough so that you could eat the shell. Chicken wings are always good here especially with the hot mustard and duck sauce mix poured over them. Mixed right this can curl your toes.

Finally, the good stuff arrived but this was all the nigiri available and I snagged it all. As you can see, just thin slices of fish BUT they had a dab of wasabi under the fish and that's rarely seen these days. The rest was just maki. They did keep on bringing out platters of sushi so I give them credit for that.

They had squid today and it was nice and tender. They also had shrimp dish with veggies that was really nice.

Good sized steam table and the items do change apart from your standard American-Chinese items.

Sushi offerings, a few nigiri, and the rest is heavily riced maki.

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