Sunday, August 3, 2014

China Star Lowell

Back to China Star in Lowell to try the duck noodle soup for lunch.

Yes, the roasted duck are still hanging out here with the Boiled Chickens and the Soy Sauce Chicken. I wonder what's in the tray to the left?

Duck with Vegetable & Egg Noodle Soup $7.75. I should have taken the hint after the last visit when everyone was doing takeout. The broth was weak and the noodles looked and tasted like ramen noodles. There are spinach and Chinese broccoli hiding out in the back. The only saving grace was the duck, it was excellent and it was a really good amount of the crispy duck even if it wasn't very crispy after hanging out in the soup.

I also ordered a pound of the Roast Pig Belly to go and was looking forward to crisp slices, but this is what I got when I opened the box, it was already sliced up in smaller pieces. Well, now I know for the next time.

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