Saturday, August 2, 2014

Thai E-Sarn Cuisine Arlington

Back to Thai E-Sarn Cuisine in Arlington for another Saturday lunch. I had good luck last week with the secret menu. What will happen this week?

Interior is nice even if the area behind the front desk is a bit busy. They always have some specials on the chalkboard.

Got the guy waiter so the free salad is back.

Grilled Pork or Grilled Beef Nam Tok (น้ ำตกหมู, เนื้อ). "A spicy salad made with your choice of grilled meat cut into thin strips rather than minced with similar dressing as Larb". I asked for the pork version and again for Thai authentic and got both. If this is what they call a salad, I need to eat more salads. Seasoning was the same as last weeks larb. The pork completely lacked grill marks but was very tender. This wasn't the leanest cut of pork, but I don't mind, fat is flavor. Even if the seasoning was the same as last week I like this better due to the added texture of the pork. Really nice lunch again.

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