Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Noodles & Company Burlington

Looked like a nice day for an outdoor lunch so I headed over to Noodles & Company in Burlington and naturally as I turn into the one-way entrance a lady is leaving completely ignoring the one-way signs. Glad the former owner of my car upgraded the horn.

When this arrived I thought "Not a bad size for a small order" only to have it whisked away and replaced with:

Japanese Pan Noodles. Caramelized udon noodles in a sweet soy sauce, broccoli, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, Asian sprouts, black sesame seeds and cilantro. Hold the broccoli. I got two (2) small slices of mushrooms but the noodles was fine and it had some heat to offset the sweet sauce. Marked as one pepper on the menu.

$1 Caesar side salad. Not an overly big portion but the dressing was tart and pleasant.

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