Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tudo Na Brasa Woburn.

Decided to go back to Tudo Na Brasa (Taste of Brasil) in Woburn for a Sunday Fish Fry. I haven't been back here in ages, but everything looked the same.

A big buffet in the back and the charcoal fired grill is still working. They are now the only surviving Brazilian grill left in the center.

I got here just after 11:00 AM and everything looked good. Unfortunate, despite picking from the bottom of the trays, both the fish and the fries was stone cold. It such a shame since the fish was nicely seasoned and cooked perfectly, as was the fries. If I get an urge for this again, I'm doing takeout and nuking them back to life at home. The good thing was that the total was $3.41. Even the cracklings was soggy.

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