Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pho 88 Chelmsford

Is it worth the drive to Pho 88 in Chelmsford for their Pho? It used to be but now with Cilantro in Woburn doing a very decent Pho I'm not sure. Seems most single guests get seated in the bar area, and it's a bit dark and gloomy in there.

I ordered the #14, XE LUA ($8.95). Extra large Beef Noodle Soup. "Our largest bowl of our most popular Beef (Bo) Noodle Soup combining rare Beef, well-done Brisket, Beef Flank, Tendon and Tripe". As you can see, I got everything, and the picture doesn't really show the size of the bowl, but it's big. The broth was good, but not outstanding and the noodles had a nice texture. The tripe was very soft, I like a bit more texture but overall, again a very nice lunch. The chili oil condiment was mostly chili peppers and lacked the oil, but the pickled jalapenos had a nice bite. They are very busy at lunchtime, and the place was packed.

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