Friday, January 23, 2015

Toraya Arlington

I love Toraya in Arlington despite it being such a small place and don't go here enough but stopped by for lunch today.

Small? Yes, this is most of it, and they usually fill it up, both for lunch and dinner. There is on street parking and also a lot behind the restaurant.

Miso soup is included, and it's actually pretty good here. No spoon so it's slurp away.

They had Deep Fried Baby Octopus ($6) on the specials board, and I couldn't resist! Look at those little fat suckers!

The Chirashi ($11.95) is a favorite of mine, and it's really reasonably priced here. It's an assortment of fresh fish, egg and vegetables over sushi rice. Not really sure what I have here apart from the standard offerings but there was some octopus in there, really nice and tender. Good amount of food, especially if you consider the rice underneath. I even like the mackerel that I had a serious aversion to growing up.

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