Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Toraya Arlington

Toraya in Arlington was very quiet at lunch today, but I usually go on Fridays and maybe that's it.

Today's choice was a Bento Box with Pork Katsu ($10.95). The Miso Soup here is OK, as much as a miso soup can be. I really like the salad dressing here, and the molded rice is tasty. The apps section had some cold cooked salmon, fish cake, marinated shitake mushrooms, egg pancake, gyoza, edamame and some Tatsuta-age (deep fried chicken). All of it was delicious and well prepared. The pork katsu was cooked perfectly, and come with some hot mustard, tonkatsu sauce and a slice of lemon, and this is exactly how this dish traditionally should be served.

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