Friday, July 17, 2015

Tony G's BBQ Belmont

Tony G's BBQ in Belmont opened in the space formerly occupied by Gustazo Cuban Restaurant and Cafe until they relocated to Waltham. Bear in mind that they opened last week, so they will have time to improve.

There is free on-street parking.

I decided to splurge and got the BBQ Trio Combo ($17.50 plus a $1 surcharge for the brisket!) and it comes with two sides. I wanted Collard Greens, but they were out and they just opened! Not a good start. Instead, I went with Mashed Potatoes and Baked Beans. For meat, I selected Jerked Chicken (dark meat), Memphis Ribs and Beef Brisket. The minuscule amount of mashed potatoes I got was not only stone cold but also completely devoid of seasoning. They get a bonus point for removing the skins before mashing the potatoes. The baked beans were hot but also lacked seasoning and could have come out of a can. The jerked chicken was nice for a BBQ chicken but lacked any hint of heat or jerk seasoning. The brisket was dry and tough and there wasn't even a hint of a smoke ring. I also got a sliver of very pale cornbread. They had about three different BBQ sauces available.

The Ribs. Skinny skinny ribs with not very much meat on them. The rib closest to me was the meatiest, but the rib above didn't have much meat on it, this was the meaty side. What was there wasn't bad, nice and moist with a herbed rub, but whatever meat there was on the bone itself was dry.

It is a small place with some high tops and a wall counter seating area. My high top was very wobbly, so I moved to the next one only to find out that it was the same. Back to the first one and after applying paper towels underneath it was somewhat stable.
Again, read this review remembering that they just opened last week. Not sure where the smoker is, none in the kitchen and none out back.

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