Friday, September 18, 2015

Beijing Chinese Dining Lexington

I was going to have the Double Cooked Pork at Beijing Chinese Dining in Lexington today, but then I spotted a new dish on the lunch menu.

Fish Filets with Garlic Sauce ($8.95) was a good amount of slightly overcooked fish with wood eared mushrooms, bamboo shoots and pea pods and most of the peapods were properly cleaned. It was marked as spicy on the menu and it wasn't, but it was seriously garlicky. The fish was lightly coated and this was a really pleasant dish and the fried rice was also, as usual, light and very tasty. The H&S soup was nice and hot and not overly sweet, I think this was the best rendition of the soup so far. Did I mention that today was another absolutely gorgeous day?

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