Friday, September 25, 2015

Nobo Chelmsford

Today I went back to the very elegant Nobo in Chelmsford for some more lunch fare.

The have NoBowl specials for lunch ($10.95) and it's a pick your own items.

And here is the result, Salmon (ordered rare) with Teriyaki glaze, Yakisoba noodles and Shumai for an app. There was also a nice and crunchy warm salad included (top right). The salmon was, at best, medium well in the middle but was moist and tender and the glaze, albeit sweet, was nice. The shumai was OK, but the noodles were really tasty. Overall, a very nice lunch.

This is the bar area, didn't get a good picture the last time. There was a sizable crowd in the dining area for lunch today.

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