Friday, October 23, 2015

MuLan Waltham

I'm so happy that MuLan in Waltham has reopened so I can continue my lunches here. But what to have for lunch? They have 33 lunch specials and in addition, they have 16 Lunch Special Combinations that includes the seriously spicy Chicken in Chili Sauce. It's also a seriously misnamed dish.

You do get linen tablecloth during the week as well but to pay for that they have raised the prices again. Lunch items are up another dollar. This is one of my favorites, Fish Fillet with Spicy Bean Sauce (now $9.95), another incorrectly named dish. It a good amount of fish, you can stuff yourself silly and still have enough leftovers for dinner. The sauce had a hint of sweetness today and I don't remember that from previous visits, but maybe the chefs are new. Still an excellent dish. The H&S soup is very good but was just lukewarm today and the rice was mushy.

Another view of the expanded restaurant, the manager is blocking the view to the function room. It didn't remain this empty for long, just after noon they were packed and people were waiting for tables.

I also ordered the cold appetizer, Smoked Duck Taiwanese Style (used to be $11.95 now $13.95) to go. This is a delicious and tender duck and reheated it makes an excellent dinner, or two.

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