Sunday, October 4, 2015

Yangtze River Lexington

Yangtze River Restaurant in Lexington is an institution and have been here longer than I can remember. They serve an all you can eat buffet with dim sum on the weekend for $15.99 and I figured I'll give it a try. I haven't heard much good about they weekday buffet but had hopes that the weekend one would be better.

They are located smack in the middle of Lexington Center.

Old school, including red leather, and nicely dressed waitstaff. The place was impeccable clean and so was the staff and both the booths and the chairs was of good quality. It might look old, but the place has been kept in good shape. It was fairly busy at lunch today.

The Dim-Sum arrives in a steam cart that had run out of steam since some items were cold or at best lukewarm. I was a bit surprised at this seeing the amount of business they were doing. They never hesitated to bring the cart around if you indicated that you wanted a refill.

Round one. The ribs with black beans sauce were both hot and delicious. The rest was OK and they get credit for having good sized shrimp in the items that had them.

It's a big buffet and there are more items around the corner and also to the right. Nothing looked really exciting, it was the normal Chinese/American selection. The clams in black bean sauce looked really good. Unfortunately, they were both overcooked and sandy but the sauce was good. 

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