Friday, December 4, 2015

Rosebud Diner Somerville

I have some not too fond memories of the old Rosebud Diner in Somerville so when it reopened a couple of years back I couldn't wait to revisit but at that time they were only serving dinner. I recently found out that not only do they brunch but they also serve lunch on Fridays so off I went and again got free parking behind them.

The outside looks the same except better and the entrance has moved from the left to the right side.

The interior is gorgeous! This is the old diner area and look at this interior.

There is another seating area behind the upstairs bar area and in the old diner.

Both the bar seating and the booths wrap around in the back.

I decided to do a real splurge today and started with the THAI STICKY RIBS (12.95 ouch!). "Pork spare ribs, five spice, savoy cabbage, thai caramel". Four skinny ribs that weren't very sticky and was also very dry. When pointing this out to my waiter, his response was "Yes, they can be that way"! and proceeded to tell me that the Kansas City ribs on the dinner menu are much better. How does that help these skinny dry ribs?

I was looking forward to the FRIED CHICKEN THIGH PLATTER (17.95 ouch again!). "Creamy mashed potatoes, black pepper gravy". The mashed potatoes were not creamy at all but fairly lumpy and greasy and also had the skins left in. Not a hit with me at all. The fried chicken was really well done with a really crisp and tasty batter, but the thinner parts were way overcooked and dry. The edible part was well seasoned and really tasty. The gravy was also really good. The slaw was just OK, nothing to get excited about. The place is gorgeous, too bad that the food didn't live up to the quality of the interior. The service was okay and I got some extra gravy to go with my leftovers.

Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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