Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lotus Blossom Sudbury

I have fond memories of Lotus Blossom Sudbury from when I worked in Maynard and it was a treat to visit here for lunch with its impeccable dining room and properly attired staff. Of course, our other choice was May Lings in Maynard and that made this place stand out even more.

As with everything else in Sudbury, it's located just off Rte 20 with plenty by of parking.

The more formal dining room. Lots of fond memories from here.

Really cool bar with lots of seating and you can see the Sushi bar in the background.

They now have a lunch buffet with really nifty temp controlled heaters.

I usually skip the soup with the buffet but today I tried the H & S soup and I'm glad that I did. It was really good, both hot and sour with a really complex and nice flavor. You also get a small condiment plate.

Sushi is included, well maki rolls and a few salads was available.

I snagged an enormous piece of tempura shrimp maki that was pleasant as was the rest of the maki. The fish in the maki was of decent size and it you give me fish and avocado, I'll be happy to eat that. The ginger was cut into gigantic sheets, so I had to use the knife and fork to cut them up. At least there was some use for the utensils. Everyone to their own, but it amuses me to see the elderly eat sushi with knife and fork.

I skipped the Peking Raviolis, looked a bit thick skinned to me, but the tempura veggies were fine. The Baked Stuffed Mussels was of a nice size but oh soo chewy and where was the stuffing?

I skipped most of the entrees, the General Gao's Chicken looked really dark and the Thai Curry Chicken sounded slightly out of place. Vegetable Chow Foon was cooked nice, but the star of the buffet was the Salt and Pepper Shrimp. Crispy perfectly cooked shrimp with thinly sliced jalapenos was really very good. I timed it perfectly and caught the refill just as it come out of the kitchen and I have to confess that I had two more plates of shrimp before giving up. I don't think the price of $11.50 for this was out of line especially with the amount of shrimp that I had. The food on the buffet was quickly refilled before it either got cold or ran out. They didn't even skimp on the shrimp.

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