Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cafe Mami Cambridge

Cafe Mami in the Porter Exchange buildings Japanese Alley is best known for it's Hamburg Sets that has nothing to do with buns and patties.

This is it! Ten shared seats at the two tables and three counter seats at the end. You van also amuse yourself by watching the line to Sapporo next door. Their "The line starts here" sign is just outside this place.

All orders come with salad and soup. The miso soup was slightly salty but at least, it tasted of something. The salad was really nice with a different dressing from most Japanese places. There was a squeeze bottle of spicy mustard mayo on the table, not sure when you would need this.

They had some really cheap Donburi (Don's) lunch specials but I decided to go with the Hamburg Curry Set ($9.99). Good sized serving of the Hamburg and a really interesting curry. Mildly spicy but it was a much darker curry than what you normally get at a Japanese place. The curry sauce also had other bit's and pieces in it, bacon for sure and there could have been some ham as well. The hamburg itself was nice and tender and together with the curry I really enjoyed this, I thought the curry was really interesting. Some pickled something was nice and crunchy. Not that I needed it but you get unlimited free rice refills.

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