Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Seoul Kitchen Westford

I had high hopes for Seoul Kitchen in Westford, who can resist an all you can eat Korean buffet with sushi? It might be expensive at $14.99 for lunch but if the food is good it could be worth the money.

They are located on Rte 110 in Westford, so they aren't exactly next door to me.

Big bar area with lots of seating and nice and bright.

Big sushi bar as well.

The lunch buffet, as expected the Sushi was only Maki Rolls.

You have a choice of soup and I skipped the Miso and opted for the Hot & Sour. Wasn't very hot but it was seriously sour! My mouth puckered all the way to my eyebrows.

Look at the Korean Style Spicy Wings! Crispy with a nice glaze on them but unfortunately, they were stone cold and also lacked the spicy part. All the maki rolls were OK, one had some fresh salmon on top.

From the buffet I picked Braised Pork Belly, that was at least lukewarm, but the pork resembled an overcooked pork roast instead of a luscious belly. The Spicy Pork Bulgogi was not spicy and was dry and cold as well. The Spicy Calamari was mostly overcooked pieces and cold. Kang's Chicken was overcooked inside and stone hard on the outside, Yes, cold as well. The Wagyu Beef Croquettes was actually NOT stone cold but lacked the beef and should have been called just a Potato Croquette. The Deep Fried Calamari was, again, cold and on the chewy side with a really thick cold batter on the outside. This was a serious waste of time and money and the best thing on the buffet was the Maki rolls and I'm not a fan of maki.

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  1. Rega Grill in Lawrence used to have a decent Korean buffet. I haven't been there in a couple of years.