Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ittyo Cambridge

Ittyo in Cambridge is the last restaurant in the Japanese Alley in the Porter Exchange building.

Not the smallest one but the one farthest from the entrance. They might at one time have had the same owners as Cafe Mami but not anymore.

Not very busy, this is what it looked like when I got there and the business didn't pick up. Yes, the waiter was bored. Another plus is that they take credit cards.

Much to my surprise, I got a bowl of Miso soup with my cheap lunch special. There was something wrong with this Miso soup, it actually tasted of something!

Katsu Curry ($7) with pork from the lunch specials menu. A seriously big piece of pork for the money and it was cooked perfectly. There was some shredded cabbage with mayo over the rice to the right. The curry was very reminiscent of the curry at Cafe Mami where I had lunch a couple days ago. In addition to the bacon etc. it also had some potatoes in it. I really starting to like this seriously dark and rich version of the Japanese curry even if it probably is made from premade curry blocks.

If the rest of the lunch specials are as large as my portion today then this is probably the best deal in the whole alley especially since it was really tasty.

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