Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tasty On The Hill Medford

Tasty On The Hill is located in Medford even if I think of this area as being in Somerville, but what do I know?

The on-street parking was a bit weird, one side of the street was metered parking with the infernal Medford machines and the other side of the street was free parking.

This is a small place that serves breakfast all day and they seemed to do a brisk business. I hope they do something about the door, every time it opened an icy blast ensured. There is table service.

Apart from serving Breakfast all day, they are known for their Francesinha's, a sandwich that is most common in the city of Porto in Portugal. You can read more on the origin HERE. The sauce is a big deal here and everyone has their own secret one. I ordered the Traditional ($13.95 ouch!)."American cheese, ham, steak, linguica, hot dog, bacon, fried egg and topped with the special sauce and accompanied with hand cut French Fries". First, this is absolute a job for a knife and fork. The fries was a bit oily. This is one big ass sandwich and there was a seriously big steak at the bottom. Unfortunately, it was cooked well beyond well done and had the texture of something previously frozen and was completely unseasoned and tough and I had to leave most of it. The rest of the meats was cooked nicely but the egg on top was also overcooked. I did like the sauce, it was really tasty but that was all.

This is a better view of the sandwich and you can see the gray excuse for a steak at the bottom. I would recommend trying the Tasty Burger version instead of this. I wouldn't have minded the price if the steak was of better quality but this was way overpriced.

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