Friday, February 19, 2016

Heng Lay Lowell

Heng Lay in Lowell is a hidden gem that isn't talked about too much, guess people want to keep it to themselves. It were way off the beaten path and located at 153 Liberty Street. No website.

Small frontage but there is parking available in the back and at the side of the restaurant.

A couple of round tables for families dining in, then just about eight four tops available.

I had high hopes for the Spicy Chicken Wings ($8). "8 Jumbo Chicken Wings marinated in home-made sauce and chili sauce". They didn't disappoint, perfectly cooked with a crispy outside and really juicy inside. They were seriously spicy but with a sweet component that keeps the heat down. It was both drums and flats and I appreciate that they leave the tip on, something more to gnaw on. A must-have dish here and it really puts the dry wings at Simply Khmer to shame.

I was looking forward to trying some dishes that other reviews have raved about but I couldn't see them on the menu, should have written down their names. Oh, well next time so I ended up with just BBQ chicken with rice ($7.95). The chicken was cooked well and was nicely seasoned but in the end, it was just chicken and rice. It seemed that almost everyone got a soup dish with something on the side so I had to ask what it was and it turned out to be something called Dry Noodle soup with the soup on the side. I must say that the owners? was super friendly and happy to explain the dishes especially when they saw me ogle dishes as they went past.

They take their condiments seriously and notice the little condiment dishes there on the table? That's really smart. I like to dip things in the chili paste or chili oil.

Heng Lay Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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