Sunday, March 13, 2016

Davio'S Lynnfield

Davio'S in Lynnfield is also doing Boston Dine out right. Not only do they have a different menu for each week they also always have new dishes on the menu. Well, the calamari was on the last time as well but it's soo good that I would miss it if it weren't. This week's menu looks excellent, so I might have to go twice.

I can't wait until they start service on the terrasse again. Despite the extremely nice weather we have had it still too early. 60+ again today and we aren't even in mid-March yet.

The dining room is very nice with the open kitchen in the back and there is even seating at the counter.

Of course you get linen everything and also a nice bread basket with some excellent olive oil for dipping. No sign of the home made chips today.

From the Boston Dine Out menu ($25) I started with the American Kobe Beef Meatball, Caciocavallo. The server warned me that the container might be hot and it was, too bad the same can't be said for the meatball that was just barely lukewarm. Despite that the meatball was very tender and tasty as was the Pomodoro sauce. It was more like a small meatloaf than a meatball.

For my PIATTI DEL GIORNO, I selected the Chicken Milanese with Pinot Noir Sauce, Frisee, Apple-Bacon. The chicken was piping hot and perfectly breaded and cooked. The sauce was delicious and the salad with apple and bacon likewise. There were some crispy potatoes sprinkled on top and that added a nice texture.

I finished off with an Eclair with Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream. Where is the whipped cream? The pastry cream was nice as was the dark chocolate but the pastry itself was really dense and not the light and fluffy choux pastry that was expected. I wonder if they lost their pastry chef? She normally did an outstanding job with the desserts.

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