Monday, March 14, 2016

Holi Bedford

I went to Holi in Bedford shortly after they opened about a year ago and was pleased with their buffet, so it was time for a revisit at lunchtime today.

They are located next to an ice cream stand so the parking lot can be busy during the warmer months.

The buffet still looks good and you get linen napkins and a choice of plain or garlic naan that is served fresh at the table. The buffet is still $11.95 with the same price for the extended weekend buffet,

They are under the same management as the delightful Zaika in Woburn and you get the same amount of takeout containers. The Saag had peppers in it and was very good. The pickings on the buffet was a bit slim for me so I did fill a container with the Chicken Tikka Masala that I normally avoid since the chicken more often than not is very dry. Not here, it was nice and moist with a nice sauce. Princess really like it as well, not only the chicken but the sauce got licked up quickly. The garlic naan was light and fluffy. The chickpeas were tasty and the Tandoori chicken was excellent. The Samosas was fragrant with a very light pastry and the Papads were nice and crisp. Enough for lunch? Yep, and dinner too.

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