Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuscan Kitchen Burlington

I was happy to see that Tuscan Kitchen in Burlington was participating in the Boston Dine Out Week this year, so I headed out there for lunch today. They are offering a three-course meal for $25. I personally would like to see them offer a two-course meal for $20 since I really don't need the dessert at lunchtime. I haven't been here for a while and there is a lot of construction going on in this corner of Burlington.

Yes, this was the kind of day we are having today, cold and rainy. The facade on the other side is very impressive but to take a picture, I would have to be standing in the middle of the Mall Road and I'll pass on that adventure.

Open kitchen with a wood fired pizza oven and grill. The inside is open and spacious and even the bar area is nice. It's really not as dark as it looks in the picture.

A very nice table setting and a dipping oil and some warm and crusty bread arrive promptly. Unfortunately, one side of the bread slices seems to have been exposed to the air for some time since it was really dry and desiccated.

I started with the "wood roasted clams with tuscan market sausage, grilled ciabatta." Ten seconds later the fire alarm went off, and everyone had to leave. When we got back in they refired my antipasto. The clams were really good apart from the one that had grit in it. This was a tasty dish even if the grilled ciabatta never made it to the table and I could have used it to soak up the nice juices in the dish.

This was followed by the "wood grilled sirloin with olive oil poached fingerling potato, braised greens, balsamic brown butter." Cooked as ordered and well seasoned made for a tasty piece of beef. The braised greens were surprisingly good and delicious. The potatoes were cooked nicely but lacked salt.

For the Dolci, I picked the "Chocolate zabaglione with chocolate cake, callebaut dark mousse, semisweet ganache" that sounded good even if it was a mouthful. The ganache was nice but the cake itself was very dry. Not their best offering. Despite the fire alarm adventure, it was a nice lunch and the service was, of course, impeccable.

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