Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Asia Lowell

New Asia Restaurant in Lowell took over the space formerly occupied by the much missed Southeast Asian. No website available but they are located on Market Street.

On street parking only and beware of the parking meters since there is a $2 minimum when paying with a CC. Not sure why everyone is putting their receipt back in their cars when you put in your parking space number when paying.

The buffet has been moved out into the dining space and a counter has been added. It was nice and bright inside and impeccable clean. The lady behind the counter (owner?) was very nice and helpful.

The buffet was spotless and everything looked very fresh but the buffet was very heavy with rice and noodles and there were no Vietnamese "Goi Cuon" spring rolls and even worse, there were no chicken wings! Who has ever heard of an Asian buffet in Lowell with no wings?

I decide to do a takeout again ($10). Dine in the buffet is $9 and both prices seem to include the meal tax. The spring rolls up top was OK and so was the bright green and nicely cooked green beans. The fried rice was just fried rice but it was nice and light on the soy. Fried chicken was nice and moist but again, just fried chicken. The ground pork with peppers and onions looked fairly innocent but Oh My! was it hot. I thought that the ground chicken underneath the beans would be hot but it was just spicy. It was in the second tray on the buffet and was swimming in what looked like red chili oil. Not sure what the red pork in the middle was but it was nice and tender. Nothing on the buffet was labeled but everything was pretty obvious apart from the seriously spicy dish. I must admit that I prefer Viet Thai that's located on the opposed side of the block.

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