Saturday, May 7, 2016

Taste of Siam Stoneham

I was going to Gin U Dee but they had the door open, and it was freezing inside, so I skipped that and continued up Main Street to Taste of Siam in Stoneham that luckily was serving lunch on this cold Saturday.

The Lunch Box ($8.95) comes with a very tasty Chicken and Noodle soup.

The menu said "Your choice of two Appetizers" doesn't that mean I get to pick two of the listed apps? Anyway, I went with the Fried Bangkok dumpling that was really tasty with a nice dipping sauce. Since you can pick any Curry as your mains, I went with the Choo Chee Curry** with pork. "With bell pepper, snow pea, pineapple, basil, kaffir leave in Choo Chee curry & coconut milk." After some discussion, we settled on three stars instead of two and I promised not to send it back regardless of how spicy it was. This turned out to be an excellent dish with nice crunchy veggies and tender pork and it was SPICY! Not mindblowing spicy but seriously runny nose spicy and it's nice to find a place that will do spicy if requested. I like this place more and more after each visit.

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