Saturday, May 28, 2016

Taste of Siam Stoneham

On this blazingly hot Saturday I decided that a hot curry was in order, so I headed out to the delightful Taste of Siam in Stoneham.

I wonder if the aunt is working in the kitchen?

Again I went with the Lunch Box ($8.95) that comes with a very tasty Chicken and Noodle soup. It turns out that you really can pick two of the apps so a Golden Triangle and Spring Roll it was. The Spring Roll hadn't improved but the Golden triangle was tasty and I also got a dipping sauce. I went with the Massaman Curry**. "With potato, sweet potato, bell pepper, carrot, and peanut in Massaman curry & coconut milk." I asked for no sweet potatoes and as a result, I got no potatoes at all but I got a ton of pork instead. Tasty curry with tender pork and I asked for it 3-star spicy but that didn't really work, maybe two-star in the end. It was a different waitress this time. I really like this little restaurant.

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