Friday, June 24, 2016

Ibasaw Malden

Ibasaw in Malden opened recently and I had high hopes for them since they offer an all you can eat Seafood and Dim Sum buffet for $15.95 at lunch.

They are easy to find and shares an humungous parking lot with Stop & Shop so parking is not an issue. Did you get the name?

It's a big place but nicely decorated and fairly bright. The do hot pots at dinner so all the tables have the built in heaters.

It's a big buffet, cold items in the middle and dim sum further down. There was plenty of salads that looked really good including a papaya salad. Everything was clearly labeled.

It's a good place if you want to try tripe or chicken feet since you can get just a sampler. The beef meatballs and the pork spare ribs in black bean sauce got me all excited.

Steamed stuff including shrimp dumplings.

The Sushi section had, as usual, an abundance of rolls but some Nigiri and Sashimi offerings including mackerel.

They had a plethora of condiments but no chili oil but that was quickly brought out when I asked for it and it was really tasty, in small amounts, of course.

First visit. The shrimp was just cooked shrimp without any seasoning whatsoever, so it was a bit boring even if it was cooked well. The Salmon Nigiri was excellent and was the snapper. The grilled shrimp had a nice char but was stone cold. I was here just before noon and it might be smarter to get here closer to one when it got busier and things got replenished quicker. They did replace dishes even if they were not empty so they are trying to keep the food fresh. Try to get a table so you can see when the hot food is replenished.

Dim Sum run. Three different shrimp dumplings and shumai, all could have been warmer. The pork spare ribs and the beef meatball was really tasty. I was always a fan of the taro dumpling with shrimp and the sticky rice was a nice surprise and it had some Chinese sausage mixed in.

The clams with black bean sauce were probably the best dish. Perfectly cooked clams with a super tasty sauce. I got seconds of this despite being stuffed at this point. Overall I was very happy with the food, it was tasty and well prepared.

Not sure if it makes sense to have the dirty dishes dumped next to the clean plates.

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  1. Wow. I'm so glad to learn about this place! Its very close, so now I don't have to schlep to Chinatown for dim sum, I hope I like it.... Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just wanted to say that I finally went and visited this place on 9/19. It was super clean and they had the exact same items you shared in your post - even down to the placement (and chicken feet!) If it wasn't for your review I would've never found this place nor tried it. The food I think was worth the lunch price I paid and I would go back. Thank you for reviewing this place.

    1. You are welcome and thanks for the feedback.

  3. Correction: Sunday 9/18