Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Buffalo Wild Wings Burlington

I got an email saying that it's now half price Tuesdays at Buffalo Wild Wings in Burlington and you now also get carrots, celery and blue cheese dressing with your wings.

Time to try a dry rubbed order of wings and I picked the Chipotle BBQ. "A blend of fire-roasted chipotle pepper and BBQ flavors." Not very spicy but really tasty and this preserved the crispy skin on the wings. I forgot to ask for only flats but it didn't really matter since I got 4 flats out of 5.

I had to try my favorite so far again so here is the CARIBBEAN JERK. "An excellently exotic sauce: red peppers you love: island spices you crave." This is still by far my favorite, enough heat and with a really nice and complex flavor. When I got the check, I was a bit confused since it was only for $5.75 plus tax and I expected it to be $7. It turns out that my brain couldn't differentiate between 70¢ wings and half priced wings. I read half priced and the waitress said half priced but nothing registered. You now can get 15 wings for $8.15 and that's a really good deal considering it's only $1.15 more than what 10 wings were before. Of course, you can also get 20 wings for $10.25. Hmmm, wonder what it will be on my next visit?

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