Thursday, September 15, 2016

Jasmine Watertown

Time for a small road trip so I headed out to Jasmine Taste of Persia in Watertown for my lunch on this sunny day. The wind, however, was a bit chilly.

They are located on the busy Mt Auburn street with (cheapish) metered parking.

The inside was smallish but nice. The kitchen is behind the partition. The menus are already on the tables and they stayed there even after ordering.

From the lunch specials, I picked the Beef Kubideh ($9.95). The website says $7.95. "One skewer of ground beef kubideh served with white basmati rice, salad and hummus." I guess that the yellow rice is safe to eat and it was nice and fluffy. The salad was very nice and seasoned well. The hummus was good but could have done with some more garlic. The ground beef was a bit chewy and could have done with some more seasoning, The pita bread was old and stale. The chilled water bottle on the table was a nice touch. I might be back to try one of the rollups from the lunch menu.

Across the street is Sevan Bakery and I had to stop in and pick up a couple of their famous baklava, one hazelnut and one pistachio and both were delicious. $2.88 each, kind of strange pricing.

Address 580 Mount Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472 
Phone number (617) 923-2999

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