Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Temazcal Lynnfield

I had the Asada Tacos at Temazcal in Lynnfield shortly after they opened, and wasn't too happy with them, way too sweet. Since it's Taco Tuesday there today, it's not too expensive to try them again. BTW, Taco Tuesday is the best-kept secret ever.

It's a big place, and this doesn't include the raised dining room where I was sitting.

Asada Skirt Steak Tacos ($14). "Marinated grilled skirt steak, salsa roja, pickled serrano chile, avocado served with saffron rice and beans". What a difference! The skirt steak was tender and really tasty, not too sweet and the salsa roja actually had some heat included. The excellent bean dip disappears quickly with the help of the warm tortilla chips. The black beans and rice are also great. All of this for $7 on Taco Tuesday.

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