Monday, February 6, 2017

Diva Somerville

I decided to do something different for my Monday Indian lunch, so I headed out to Diva Indian Bistro in Davis Square. I have seen this place open, expand and then contract back to the original size. This also gave me a chance to check out a couple of new places. Both looked promising.

They have a decent buffet, and it looked just about the same as when I was here little over a year ago. The price has increased to $10.95.

The Tandoori Chicken was tender and tasty with a really nice smoky flavor from the tandoori. This is one of the better renderings of this classic that I have had in a long time. I'm never sure if the onions that the chicken rest on is for decoration or not, but the onions looked seasoned and ready to eat so I did. Very delicious. The Potatoes and Green Beans sans the beans were also good. How do they cook the potatoes perfectly every time? The Saag Paneer was a bit bland, but the Dal was delicious. After I finished dissecting the Tandoori chicken and started eating, everything was cold. Not sure if it was the window table or if I took too long time deboning the chicken. The do have papads on the buffet, and this makes me happy as does the linen napkins.

This time I was offered a choice of naan, and of course, went with the garlic naan. It's excellent, thin and light, and properly brushed with butter.
I used the GoPapaya app to book my table and received a 25% discount on my bill. How neat is that? 
Download the GoPapaya app on the Apple store or Google Play store and create an account using the invitation code "PET8456". After your first meal out on GoPapaya they'll send you a $10 Amazon gift card plus you save up to 50% off your meal!

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