Wednesday, February 1, 2017

P.F. Chang's Peabody

I had an offer for a free app at P.F. Chang's in Peabody, and since the "snowstorm" had passed, I headed there for lunch today.

I started with the BBQ Spare Ribs ($10.50). "6 slow-braised pork ribs wok-seared with a tangy Asian barbecue sauce". This was the standard fall off the bone braised ribs, but that's what I expected. Despite that, they were pretty good with a very nice sauce and a decent sear on the outside. They were also good sized.

Next was the Salt & Pepper Calamari ($9.50). "Crispy strips tossed with fresno peppers and green onion, with sweet chili dipping sauce". The container behind the dipping sauce was more salt and pepper so you could add more if you like. I like that. Only the body was served, no rings. I don't like that. The squid was tender with a crisp outside, and they were cooked properly.

A different view of the inside today and it wasn't very busy. It turns out that my free appetizer comes with a fine print of: "with the order of an entree" that I, of course, didn't see. They really don't have any appealing entrees on the lunch menu, so that offer gets tossed in the bin. Despite being at the North Shore Mall, I find the inside to be reasonably attractive, and the service has always been very pleasant.

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