Sunday, March 26, 2017

Shanghai Village Arlington

On my last visit to Shanghai Village in Arlington, I noticed that this Chinese restaurant had a section on the menu called Asian Cuisine and I was a bit intrigued by that.

I used the GoPapaya to make a reservation and get 20% off my bill. Since it was Sunday, parking is free.

The menu said "Pan Fried Dumplings with Chives ($3.25)" but I don't think my brain processed that right since I didn't expect one dumpling filled with chives. It was tasty, and the skin was crispy and very light.

This was another dish from the Asian section "Mala Fish Filet ($12.95)". Rice was extra ($1.50). Mala means spicy and numbing, but there were only a few Sichuan peppercorns present, so it failed in the numbing department. The chili oil was not very spicy either, so it kind of failed the spicy part as well. The fish itself was cooked really well and rested on a mound of lotus root. It was a pleasant dish but not worth a detour.

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