Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New Sapporo Newton

Time to try some more Korean dishes at New Sapporo in Newton where GoPapaya gives me a 20% discount when reserving a table using their app.

I did get some Banchan after I asked for it. The bottom left was a warm dish, a first for me.

I ordered the Kimchi JiGae ($13.95) from the regular menu. "Hot and spicy kimchi stew with tofu and pork meat". It was hot alright. There was also some rice cake on the bottom to give it some texture. Otherwise all the ingredients, apart from the pork, lacked texture. Everything was very soft, and it was more of a soup than a stew. The broth had a bit of heat, but apart from that, it was really bland. I'll try one of their lunch Bento boxes next.

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