Sunday, June 18, 2017

Chili's Wilmington

Chili's sent me a coupon for half-priced ribs and steaks over Father Day weekend, and since I was going this way, I stopped at their Wilmington location. They only got a few more customers, so it was pretty desolate in there.

The rib-eye that I had my mind set on was naturally not included in the discount. I settled for a full rack of the Texas Rubbed Bay Back Ribs ($18.99) with fries. Normally the ribs come with broccoli, and when I told the waiter to hold it, he said I could substitute any side, so I picked the street corn. I then got upcharged a buck for that. The corn was very good, so I really didn't mind. The fries was overcooked and dry. The ribs were surprisingly good with a very tasty rub. They were moist and tender with a somewhat crisp exterior. I wonder if they were deep fried? They say "Texas Dry Rub Ribs Tender, slow smoked over pecan wood", butI really doubt that they have seen the inside of a smoker.

Update: Chili's just contacted me on Monday and will mail a gift certificate to me after I complained about the missing ribeye.

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