Monday, June 19, 2017

Royal India Bistro Lexington

I have been to Royal India Bistro in Lexington a number of times but for some reason, it keeps falling out off my lunch rotation.

They are located next to the Village Green on a side street. There is still free parking to be had nearby.

It a small place but very nice and comfortable inside.

You get complimentary papads with chutneys at lunch. The onion chutney is hot! The cute salt and pepper shakers have been replaced with regular salt and pepper shakers.

Lunch specials start at $6.95 and top out at $8.50 for the seafood dishes. I picked Lamb Vindaloo (Hot) ($7.95) for my lunch. "Very tender pieces of lamb marinated in fresh tomatoes and lemon, and then cooked with potatoes, ginger, hot spices and fresh green herbs". The basmati rice was fluffy and fragrant. The Vindaloo was hot and very nicely seasoned but lacked the vinegary tang of a good vindaloo. Tha lamb was tender. I have to start getting back here more often, it's a charming place with good service and very reasonably priced lunch dishes.

Address 7 Meriam St, Lexington, MA 02420
Phone number (781) 861-7350

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