Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Go Chi Malden

Time to try some more dishes from Go Chi in Malden. Still no website and no FB page.

The interior is pleasant enough.

Crispy Twice-Cooked Pork (14.95). "An authentic version of sweet and sour pork, known as guo bao rou. The Dongbei-style version uses pork tenderloin in place of thinner slices, which are then coated in potato flour, fried crispy and covered in a thickened sauce that includes ginger. The sauce hits the perfect balance, neither too sour, not overly sweet". The description is a cut and paste from another website. First, what sauce? They managed to serve a very good version of this classic dish, whereas Golden Garden completely mangled their version. Here the outside was sweet and very light, and it had a nice crispiness to it. Could have been sourer unless the very tasty veggies were the sour part.

Here is a better picture of a piece. Not sure if this was tenderloin, looked more like loin to me and the texture wasn't right for tenderloin either.

I'm not sure why it took forty minutes for my order of Sauteed Cabbage with Chili Sauce ($7.95) from the lunch menu to arrive. It was cooked nicely and was very tasty, but could have been spicier. The errors on the menu still haven't been corrected and the specials haven't been translated.

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