Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sauce Andover

I had pretty good luck with the food at Sauce in Andover on my previous visit. I was all set with my choice of burger for my next visit, but when the July newsletter arrived that went out the window.

By being on their mailing list, I got a free Handcut Fries ($2.99), one size fits all. The fries on the top was nice and crispy but they all lacked salt. The fries further down got all soggy from sitting in the container.

The burger of the month was the Das Floopenstein ($10). "Our juicy patty topped with keilbasa, cheddar, house sauerkraut, german relish, beer mustard". I was a bit surprised about the price since all the other burgers are in the $7 range. I ordered the burger medium rare, on the rare side. What I got was a medium well burger, that was also very dense. There was just a hint of pink in the middle, so this was an epic fail. The burger was also completely unseasoned. The kielbasa was burnt on the bottom. It was so much mustard on the top and bottom that it completely hid the rest of the flavors from the condiments. They only do three things, and you would figure that they could cook a burger. When I complained about the burger, the only response I got was "Yes, my fault". The sauerkraut was good. It turns out that they do have AC, not sure how well it works with the door open.

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  1. That looks like someone was very heavy handed with the mustard! Blech.