Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Artistry on the Green Lexington

Artistry on the Green is participating in the Boston Dine Out, and are serving lunch. They do change the menu from year to year.

They are located in The Inn at Hastings Park with plenty of off street parking.

The dining room is very attractive, and even if the chairs are hard, they are very comfortable.

Very nice place settings and you get warm rolls with soft butter.

They serve a three-course menu for $20. I started with their excellent clam chowder that was chockful of clams and bacon and new potatoes, and it was also well seasoned.

Interesting way of serving Fish and Chips "served with a Sauce Gribiche and hand cut frites", but at least it's better than getting it in a bowl. The fries are really really good, and the fish was cooked perfectly with a crisp outside and flaky inside. It had a nice seasoned batter and the Sauce Gribiche was the real thing.

There were a few choices for dessert, I picked the White Peach Sorbet, and it was excellent. Service was, of course, impeccable. The Chowder (6) and the Fish & Chips (14) are both on the regular menu, so the only benefit is the free dessert.

Address 2027 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA 02421
Phone number (781) 301-6660

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