Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cafe of India Maynard

I had such a nice buffet at Cafe of India in Maynard that I had to go back and order something from the lunch menu.

When ordering from the menu, you get some papads and chutneys. The onion chutney normally is just hot, but here it was really well spiced and tasty.

With your lunch, you have a couple of choices of soups, Vegetarian Samosa or an Aloo Tiki. I went with the Samosa that had mashed potatoes and a few peas inside. It was piping hot and really delicious.

My mains arrived in very elegant serving bowls. Look at that rice with every grain separated.

I of course went with the Vindaloo ($9). "Fiery sauce, sundried kashmiri red chili potato, tamarind medium or spicy only". I went with spicy, no surprises there. I tried to get dark meat, but after consulting with the chef, the waitress reported that they don't use any dark meat at all. It looked good but reeked of cloves and only tasted of cloves. You know what it tastes like when you accidentally bite into a clove? This was it. It was seriously hot, so they did that right. The vindaloo itself only tasted of tomato and cloves, the expected tartness was completely absent. The chicken was nice and not dry, and the potatoes were nicely cooked. I did find a couple of chunks of tomato in there, and that was a surprise. So I got chicken in a hot tomato sauce.

They have a nice little bar. This is the waitress that will depart for parts unknown this week,

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